Speak Into My Good Eye just premiered the video for SHUT UP's tune “Better Luck Next Time”, from their new record. The video was produced by Nick Cucci from GayGuy/StraightGuy. Check it out at the link below.You can pre-order the new record, “...Nope” at Capacitor Records website here:http://gdyr185.cn/collections/all-capacitor-records-music/products/shut-upOr you can pick it up at the record release party at The Stone Pony on August 3rd with Hot Blood, Fetal Rage and CoolDad Music.Discounted tickets available here:http://gdyr185.cn/collections/tickets/products/shut-up-record-release-party


Maklak now on international radio airwaves (as well as digital stream radio and video) with thanks to the mighty and legendary spud goodman and The Spud Goodman Show crew! So cool to be on the same episode as comedian/actor J.B. Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm/Spider Man "Far From Home"), actress Poppy Montgomery (Without A Trace/Reef Break), and shout out by Andy Dick! Also special thanks to NWCZ Radio! If you missed the show live, here's a rundown of when and where it will air: (Sat) at 11:00 pm on NWCZ channel 1 and (Sun) at KKNW.1150 AM in Seattle at 4:00 pm. Next Sat it will air at 9:00 pm on Las Vegas Public Radio a terrestrial station. Sun an online station The Mixx in Tampa airs it at 1:00 pm PDT and it will then air at other online stations during the week around the country such as Radio Memphis Wed 10:00 pm CT. On Thursday there is a really cool small station in Sheffield England, Cornucopia Radio and it airs there at noon Thurs US time.and on Hashtag Radio in Cape Town South Africa at 4:00 pm SA time zone and at 6:00 am PDT. It will also be placed on iTunes and at our website for archive purposes. The episode will be posted on Facebook Mon 6:00 am. The auto play video will be posted on Facebook on Tues at 6:00 am, feel free to share them. The video will be archived on YouTube so you could access it later as well.


Radical http://gdyr185.cn/collections/all-capacitor-records-music/products/maklak-the-age-of-anxiety


"One love, one heart Let's get together and feel all right" ~ Bob Marley


If your happy and you know it clap your hands


The Black Clouds are playing Punk Island today on Randall's Island Park in NYC. Over 100 bands, ALL AGES, ALL FREE, ALL DAY!They’ll be playing the Gilligan Stage along with our friends Nervous Triggers and NCM. Come hang!


The hard truth.


It looks like there might be a release coming.


Please consider helping out NJ Breweries by signing this petition. They’ve been really good to us when it comes to supporting our scene, booking shows and events and now the government is attempting to put harsh limits on their ability to do that. Thanks for your help.Asbury Park Brewery, Red Tank Brewing, Icarus Brewing Co., Frye Brewinghttp://petition.savenjbeer.org/mash/index.php/741721


The Black Clouds along w/ our friends NCM and a hella lot more bands will be playing. BrooklynVegan


Surround yourself with people who get you and push you to work harder than you did yesterday.




Early lineup announced. Slots still being filled. See you there!Annual free, all ages NYC punk festival Punk Island happens once again on Randall's Island.


Signing announcement: Seattle rock act Maklak have joined the Capacitor Records family! Follow the link below to buy a copy of their new crushing album "The Age of Anxiety", which was produced by the mighty  at .


"the age of anxiety" is also available from all major streaming outlets such as itunes, spotify and amazon mp3.


  • Saturday at 7 PM - 11 PM
    5 days from now
  • 810 Sewall Ave, Asbury Park, New Jersey 07712




360足彩胜visit for full details!


History of the fund:

On March 28, 2008 Gabriel Gifford Scheller died by suicide. Gabe was a compassionate person who cared deeply about social justice. Gabe's family and friends came together in the fall of 2016 to establish the Black Friday College Fund 360足彩胜to honor Gabe's memory and spirit. The board members had a soft launch of the organization in November of 2016 and had the official launch of the organization in March of 2017.

the black friday college fund will award their first scholarship in the summer of 2017.


The Black Friday College Fund is dedicated to improving access to colleges and universities for students of color from economically challenged backgrounds by providing financial assistance for tuition. Additionally, the Black Friday College Fund is committed to promoting the wellness of scholars by providing financial assistance for wrap-around support services.


  • To increase access to higher education for students of color.
  • To provide continued assistance to students of color once they enter tertiary education by providing funds to use on support services
  • To raise awareness of the emotional and psychological strain caused to students of color coming from economically distressed families and neighborhoods
  • To raise awareness of the importance of wrap-around support services for students of color in college/universities, including mental health services.
  • To reduce the stigma of accessing mental health services in communities of color.


We have some awesome news ~~~ Our friends (Featuring ) will be opening for the Seattle debut of 's new band, at on May 6th. Blue Moon is a small venue and the show is VERY close to sold out. We recommend that you grab discounted advance tickets at the link below while they're still available! See you there.


has announced the long awaited and much 
anticipated Vol. 3 & 4.  Coming April 1st... 
this ain't no April Fools joke!
The Seattle based collective released it’s debut “Volumes 1&2” 
in 2013, and is following up with their second release to include 
13 new tracks.  Conceived in West Seattle, Basment Sessions 
are devoted to "making music, eating barbecue, and fine, fine 
tequila”.  Johnny G, the mastermind behind the Basment 
Sessions, has revealed that the new album will follow in the same 
footsteps.  Some of the artists included in this release include 
Matt Pike (High on Fire, Sleep), Bubba Dupree(Void), 
Jack Endino (Skinyard, Kandi Coded), Chris Johnsen(Zeke) and 
Dan Matthews(), among many others.  All songs 
are written on the spot by whomever is present, and are completed 
in a single day. They come together cohesively in their hard-rock 
edge, but vary greatly in style. The tracks are built continuously 
around Johnny's hard hitting drumming, and include legendary 
Seattle hard rock, punk and folk talents while crushing through 
all 13 tracks.
Basment Sessions Volumes 3&4 will be released on April 1st at 
, playing alongside The Derelicts, The Black 
Clouds, and the Stuntmen.


After The Burn EP Release Show - 8:00pm
121 Brighton Avenue
Long Branch, NJ 07740
Price: $10


Tour footage & scenes from Studio606

 "the third full-length from new jersey-based outfit the black clouds promises to be as tenacious as anything the band has released. the raw nature of "photograph" is a a bonecrushing blast of heavy rock. produced by the legendary jack endino and featuring endino and mark arm of mudhoney, this record wastes no time in getting to the point, and you'll be happy that there's a no nonsense band ready to pulverize your senses."

Video features live footage from shows in support of the 'After All' release.

360足彩胜featured venues include:

  • Studio footage from  - Northridge, CA
  • With special guest appearance by 



360足彩胜the black clouds in the news via our friends at purevolume.com

"The raw nature of "Photograph" is a bonecrushing blast of heavy rock."

We couldn't agree more.  Read the full article here:



Yorkshire Tenth360足彩胜 has signed an exclusive deal with . 

360足彩胜the first release will be the highly anticipated ep titled "lessons" - available early spring everywhere.

tour dates coming soon.

About Yorkshire Tenth:

360足彩胜based out of hamilton, new jersey, yorkshire tenth produces a sound that hints on the nostalgia of the 90's alt-rock, while keeping a sharp edge on the post hardcore sounds of today.

360足彩胜yorkshire tenth includes:

     vocals, guitar - craig frame

     vocals, guitar - chris marino

360足彩胜     bass - anthony carlisi

360足彩胜     drums - ryan csolak

360足彩胜     facebook - 

     web - 



360足彩胜today is the official release of ' benefit compilation "you can't kill rock 'n roll"; a fund-raising compilation for ' frontman 's fight against cancer. it features unreleased tracks from , , , john mcbain, the first track that  have recorded in 25 years and many more! see below for the full track listing.

Order for immediate shipment today at: http://www.gdyr185.cn/s…/you-cant-kill-rock-n-roll

360足彩胜it's a limited release and only available on cd (no digital download), so get your's before it sells out! all profits go to the spaghetti family.

Track Listing:
1. Mudhoney - Behind the Door ()
2. Zeke - All American Man ()
3.  - Cocaine Roommate
4.  - Photograph
5. SuperSuckers - Someday I Will Kill You
6.  - Driving Lost
7.  - Noise Patch
8. Stoker Bros. - Goin' Down
9.  - Decapitator
10. The Derelicts - Bleed Me Out
11.  - ...Nope
12.  - Death Wish
13.  - A-1 to Portland
14.  - Count Me In
15.  - It's True
16.  - Colby's Big Ride

artwork by


Join us tonight at  with , ,  and ton of other bands for a kick ass show to benefit frontman Eddie Spaghetti!  will be there selling the new compilation, "You Can't Kill Rock'N Roll", so come say hi and pick up your copy! Hope to see you there!
Can't make it to the show? You can also pick up a copy of the compilation here: 



Dropped off a few copies of "You Can't Kill Rock N' Roll" at  in West Seattle. Stop by and pick up a copy. All profits go to Eddie Spaghetti from  to help in his fight against cancer. It features unreleased tracks from , John Mcbain, the first track that  have recorded in 25 years and many more!

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